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Our Products

Our products are best selling in the local and regional markets with the sales and after-sales network covering in the entire UAE and expanding to the international markets. Hence, our products take a leading position in the industry of the following kitchen equipment;
• Commercial Refrigeration
• Stainless steel reach-in Freezers, Chiller, Upright showcase refrigeration,
• Showcase freezers, Marble furnished cake showcase, Supermarket showcase
• Table top refrigeration, Water cooler, Sushi showcase,
• Ice cube makers, Ice cream machines
• Drinking water cooler..
• Commercial Cooking equipment (Gas and Electric)
• Heating Industry
• Gas & Electric Ranges, Ovens, Griddles, Grills, Gas Lava Rock Grill, Charcoal
• Grill / Bar- B- Q, Bain Marie, Fryers, Oriental Fryers Falafel, Food warmers,
• Pop corn machines, Salamanders, Chicken & Shawarma, Roastries, Hot Dog Heating Machines, Chicken Broasted Machines...
• Bakery Equipment, Dough mixer, Food mixer
• Stainless Steel Tables, Sinks, Lockers & Closets, Hoods, Shelves,
• trolleys...Supermarket shelves, Bookshop shelves,
• Commercial Dishwashing machine
• Coffee and Juice drink machines
• Coffee Roastries, Coffee Grinders, Express Machines, Spices Grinders
• Vending machines..; Juice dispenser
• Meat and food processing machine ...
• Fruit processing machine - Juice Extractor, Blenders, shakers.
• Others, Vacuum, Packing Machines...Scales: Mechanical, Industrial, Electronic, Weighing, Automatic...
• Cold rooms for Walk-in Chiller and Freezer..

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